Llosscarri founder and CEO Alberto Carrillo has successfully developed, launched and marketed several digital products, taking them from the initial idea stage to market ready and then capturing market share.

Alberto (age 32) grew up in Mexico before graduating from one of the best universities in Mexico, “Tecnologico de Monterrey” with a BS in Mechatronics. After graduating, he worked for eight years at the medical technology company Becton Dickinson, spending five years in France and four years in Mexico.
Traveling and living abroad helped Alberto explore his love For IDIOMS and today has come to speak Four different languages.

sports statistic software service ZCode attracts millions of unique visitors yearly and is one of the most popular sites in the world according to Alexa come ZCode is just one of Alberto’s many successful ventures and has launched others like ouivoyage com. a popular travel agency in Mexico.

When he’s not building empires that create huge cash flows. you can find Alberto spending time with his family, playing with his dogs or enjoying soccer and if he’s not working or at play, he’s improving his mind Or positively impacting others. He is 3 Quantum leaper, a VIP group focused on maximizing personal potential.


Meet the Team

A perfect blend of creativity and technical wizardry. The best people formula for success online!

Chris Jenkins

Director of Marketing

Chris helps turn clicks into conversions. After studying Accounting at the UCF, he stumbled into the tech scene and found himself building companies and marketing brands. At Lloscarri, Chris develops marketing game plans that get results and make an insane amount of money.

Santiago Barletta

Social Media Manager

After getting a degree in Business Administration, Santiago went on to develop his skills in social media marketing and social media management. He builds brands online through community management and membership site management.

Felix Jambrina

Senior Copywriter

Born in Spain, Felix studied Law and Philosophy at Salamanca University. Through his studies, he discovered his passion for writing. That love for the written word resonates throughout his work.

Libni Sandoval Coffman

Management Assistant

Born in Mexico City, Libni obtained a degree in Communication Sciences. She’s fluent in English and Spanish. When she’s not delivering awesome account management and customer service, she’s helping the team stay focused, on-track and under budget.

Dany Gonzalez


From Spain, Dany has been a Marketing student since his early youth. He is fluent in both Spanish and Catalan and spends his creativity marketing and helping businesses to grow.

Uhaish Gupta

Lead Developer

Uhaish dreams in code. He lives on the edge of innovation and helps bring Lloscarri dreams to life through mobile apps and web applications.

Lucas Pavlov


Born in Argentina and currently living in Buenos Aires, Lucas is a student of Physics. When he’s not studying the laws that govern the universe, he’s writing awesome copy.

Karymee Sahaguian


Actual student of Financial Administration at The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. She is taking a globally recognized SAP Certification in Finance, through rigorous study and direct experience in her area of expertise.

Tania Sandoval

Associate CEO

Born in Mexico. Tania obtained a BA in Communication Sciences and a major in Corporate Communication. Speaks 3 languages. Worked in the Advertising & Communication Industry for 9 years. Cofounder of the travel agency

Luis Fernando Garrido

Chief Relations Director

Born in Mexico, Luis studied Mechatronics Engineering and later got a Master Degree on Sciences. He has been working hard to position Zcode as one of the most popular websites for sports investment the past 3 years. At Lloscarri, he integrates all areas of work to create the perfect synergy.

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